After careful consideration across all different sports and on all different gaming consoles we came up with the top 32 Sports Video Games of All-Time to put into our Bracket Challenge.

We selected 8 football games, 8 Basketball games, 8 Baseball games along 8 “other” or at-large titles across many other sports to fill out our bracket. The seeds were based off of popularity and overall game rating across a few different sites.

Starting Wednesday morning 3-18-20 we will be highlighting 2 separate match-ups that you can vote on through our twitter page

We will also be counting write-in votes on Facebook along with our website. Please fill free to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our Sports Video Games Bracket!

Just like with March Madness we had our own Last 4 In and First 4 Out!

Last Four In:

Mike Tyson Punchout

NBA Live 95

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents MLB

NFL Street

First Four Out:

NBA 2k17

NCAA Football 14


Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

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