The Day The Minecraft Earth Stood Still: The augmented reality version of Minecraft known as Minecraft Earth will officially shut down this summer. I know you’re heartbroken, but you should have told your friends about it. Microsoft had high hopes for the title, but it never took off the way they hoped. Before the shutdown, though, they will remove microtransactions, reduce ruby costs, time requirements and more and that will allow all three people who play this game to go nuts while they still can. Source. 

That’s What She Said: Peacock is taking advantage of our feelings. You may have noticed that The Office is longer on Netflix, and that’s because NBC bought back the exclusive rights to the show and it will live on their streaming service Peacock. But they will be charging you if you want to watch the whole series. The free version of peacock has seasons 1 and 2,  but you will pay 4.99 a month to be able to watch it all, and 9.99 a month if you want it ad free. That’s actually cheaper than Netflix. So .. maybe switch? Source.

“Hoo” Can Afford This?: A Japanese engineering firm called Aspark has created what has been called the fastest accelerating car ever. The Owl is an electric car that can go from zero-to-60 in about 1.72 seconds. If you want one, you better play the Powerball because it will set you back about 3.6 million. Source.

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