Here are today’s Nerd News! headlines:

EA Sports… It’s in the Future: We told you recently that there was a college football game coming from EA Sports. We now have a clearer picture of just when we’ll get to play it. According to internal documents from the Collegiate Licensing Committee, EA’s got their sights set on a July 2023 release date.

John Wick and the Temple of Doom?: A fourth film in the John Wick franchise is in the future. Chad Stahelski will start work soon on the next installment after New Line won the bid for the rights. The film is being described as Indiana Jones meets Die Hard.

And In Tech News: Tik Tok has instituted some new features, as you may have noticed. One of them is a feature that Twitter has already been using, giving users the option to reconsider posting their content because it may be against community standards, and could offend people. In addition, there’s now going to be comment filtering which users can employ to not allow specific words and phrases to appear on their page.

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