Mid-West Family Broadcasting – Rockford
Community Partnerships and Sponsorships

We assist programs or initiatives that address a specific social condition and have a plan that
can accomplish stated objectives.

For consideration you must be one of the following:
1 A 501c3 not-for-profit organization and are able to provide documentation.
2 An educational, government or city agency.
3 In an emergency, crisis situation.
4 Event must be free and open to the public.
(If your event is a fundraiser, we must receive a letter documenting what the charity will
receive, and a follow up letter from the charity when they receive the donation.)
1. Is the issue of sufficient seriousness and public importance to warrant donations of space
and time?
2. Does the initiative offer a solution through an individual action?
3. Is the message relevant to our audience?
4. Will our support and advertising help achieve the objective and are the objectives
5. Is the issue and/or event non-commercial, non-denominational, non-partisan, and not
designed to influence legislation?
6. If there is a sponsor website (which serves as fulfillment for the Maverick Media campaign)
does it relate directly to the message/call to action of the advertising?
7. Is the non-for-profit organization that is requesting the support receiving or seeking support
o Other media outlets (cash or non-cash)
o Advertising, public relations, or fund-raising firms (cash or non-cash)?

We do not consider campaigns that raise unrestricted funds for an organization.

The above criteria are guidelines to assist in applying our limited resources to worthwhile
causes. Mid-West Family Broadcasting – Rockford retains the right to accept or decline any
request. Please contact Mike Paterson, General Manager for further
sponsorship/partnership information via email at MPaterson@rmgmwf.com.