State champions Major Dedmond and Aydin Guttridge were named MVPs and head the 2018-19 All-NIC-10 wrestling team, as selected by conference coaches.

Following is the team with each wrestler’s record in parentheses:


108: EhTa Sor, East, Junior (24-13)

113: Markel Baker, Freeport, Freshman (33-9)

113: Jevin Doke, Harlem, Junior (30-13)

113: Saw Htoo, East, Senior (33-7)

120: Presley Beasley, Belvidere co-op, Junior (30-7)

126: Zach Fausel, Hononegah, Senior (31-9)

132: Carson Olofson, East, Senior (28-8)

138: Kyetin Lindquist, Harlem, Junior (28-12)

145: Giovanni Cassioppi, Hononegah, Senior (40-5)

152: Austin Abitua, Boylan, Sophomore (15-6)

152: Keondre Jackson, Freeport, Junior (31-9)

160: Chad Richards, Harlem, Junior (29-3)

170: Major Dedmond, Freeport, Senior (35-1)

182: Matthew Chavers, Freeport, Junior (32-10)

182: Cadence Hecox, Harlem, Junior (33-10)

195: Trevor Dawson, Belvidere co-op, Junior (24-10)

220: Kaleb Etnyre, Hononegah, Junior (31-10)

285: Isaiah Batteast, Freeport, Junior (21-9)

285: Paul Fay, Hononegah, Senior (30-13)

285: Aydin Guttridge, East, Senior (37-2)

285: Lance Morgan, Auburn, Senior (21-13)


Sam Young, Guilford, Freshman (21-9)

Tyler Calam, Freeport, Freshman (21-12)

Caleb Nadig, Boylan, Freshman (25-12)

Adam Monteleone, Boylan, Freshman (28-16)

Isaac Hernandez, Belvidere co-op, Senior (22-11)

Chris Jarka, Belvidere co-op, Senior (24-14)

Preston Schuelke , Harlem, Senior (23-14)

Andrew Schwartz, Auburn, Senior (19-8)

Glenn Winchel, Belvidere co-op, Senior (33-11)

James Bowers, Hononegah, Senior (25-9)

Joey Pineda, East, Freshman (26-14)

MVP: Major Dedmond, Freeport and Aydin Guttridge, East

Coach of the Year: Anthony Dedmond, Freeport

Sportsmanship: Auburn

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